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[H17] I can't see guides!


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8 hours ago, Andrea said:

Are you sure you imported correctly the constraints? (right constraint name and correct path)

Also, make sure that "Show guide geometry" in constraintnetwork1 node is on.

Thanks for the reply.


Constraints seem to be imported correctly since it behaves the way it supposed to. Moreover, I can't find Show guide geometry checkbox here! :(

Photo below is my guide option tab from conetwistconrel node.


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2 hours ago, Andrea said:

I mean in the node called "constraintnetwork1". There is a checkbox where you can turn on and off the visualization of all the constraints

Still not working. Show Guide Geometry in "constraintnetwork1" does not display cone twist constraint relationship guides. :( 

Shall I give it a try in lower version of Houdini?

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10 minutes ago, Andrea said:

You can try, but don't think the problem is the Houdini built. I have the same version and the constraints are displayed as usual. Try to upload there the hipfile, would be a lot faster to figure it out

Thank you for helping me out! 

Here is my hip file : iii.hip

and here is the geometry in alembic file format : appliedhoudini.rigidsIII.helicopter.abc

obj-> frac-> load abc in the import_heli node. 

cache the geometry in heli_cache node if necessary.

constraints that is causing the problem is in obj->sim->Twist

Let me know if there is any problem !

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31 minutes ago, Andrea said:

That's super strange. I don't have any issues there, I can see the cone constraint as usual placed at the origin. Can you try with this hip?


This is weird. I've downloaded your file and now there's guides. What have I done wrong? :huh:

Perhaps, I will continue working on the file you have uploaded. Thank you so much!


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