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Export to .obj in Houdini 17 apprentice (RESOLVED)

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Is the .obj export to other software disabled in Houdini apprentice 17? I'm just trying to export a simple grid geo for testing purposes. I tried the ROP geometry output, the Right click & Save Geometry method as well as the file node set to write mode & can't seem to open the file in either 3DS Max or Softimage. Max gives an error "nothing found to import..." and Softimage gives no error & loads nothing in the scene... so this has something to do with Houdini's obj export imo. The curious part is, I can import the .obj back into Houdini with the file node & it loads fine... I can also export .obj's from Max and Softimage & Houdini also opens them without problem so I don't understand what's happening...

*EDIT*: The problem is resolved. Seems like the culprit was a pending system restart from Windows that updated a bunch of .NET framework versions. Exporting from/to Houdini now works without issue.


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Something similar happened to me a few days ago. Windows 10 automatic updates were turned off for a half year and then I turned it on and updated it manually. After the restart of the system, Houdini refused to export .obj files to Artec Studio and Geomagic causing a white screen and crash. No methods helped until I started the previous system restore service, downloaded and re-updated Windows again.

Hope this helps someone. 

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