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How to change Smoke resolution


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Hey all,

I have a problem with my smoke sim. I have a sphere crashing the cube (cube is fractured). And I have put in the debris node the explosion - effect. But in my render view the smoke resolution is filled with some squares. But I want to change the smoke resolution to become a realistic smoke from the explosion. 


I have make a screenshot.

Thanks in advance,

I hope I become help... :)

Smoke division problem.jpg

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In the smoke object in DOPS there is something called division size, you can set it to different settings like max axis to set the resolution of the smoke sim. https://vimeo.com/162636675 Steven Knipping has a good starter series for volumes. The entire series is amazing but the free one should answer your questions. he will be doing things in this tutorial that have changed since he released these tutorials(I think he used like 15.5 or something) so some of the pyro settings will be different but the ideas and workflow are still gold. Hope this helps! 


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