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Autofit camera to object bound [SOLVED]

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Hey all :)

The idea is I have bunch of objects and would like to render small image (like icon 256x256) of the object. Now instead fiting the one by one I was thiking of using some Houdini power.
Switch node to maybe object bound...to camera position...distance thing...
anyone tried something like that?

Thanks a bunch

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Well, I found another way around it.
Don't try to fit the camera to object bound, try to fit object to some fixed bound and there is a great sop node that does normalized scale!
So I just used the switch to feed it and set two flags on. Scale to Fit and Uniform Scale > Best fit. Love it!
See image below.
So now the camera is in fixed perspective to this bounding box and all geo gets normalized and moved into it so you just press render :)


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