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Found 30 results

  1. Hello all, Getting to it I have a camera in Maya with camera shake enabled. I know baking can only work if the Horizontal Shake and Vertical shake options have been moved from the background to the channel box with the Channel Control in the shape node of the camera. Once it's baked I export it as .fbx into Houdini(16.5 if it matters). But the camera shake still doesn't show up in Houdini. Also of note, I looked through the camera settings in Houdini and I don't find anything similar to a camera shake option in there, so maybe because there isn't a setting it won't use that baked information but I am truly stuck. For fun I attached the camera, don't know if it's useful but its there. TL;DR = Camera shake from Maya camera doesn't import into Houdini, what do? Thanks. Edit for all the people out there. The solution is to just not use .fbx. Just use alembic guys, it works. Hopefully somebody else in the future will be able to use this advice so they didn't have to be me scrolling around google for two hours. CameraExport_01.fbx
  2. Hey Everyone, Can anyone give me information about baking a texture onto an object? So I projected camera footage onto an object however I'm making the object disintegrate like paper and need the projected texture to remain on the object after it has disintegrated. I can't seem to find any resources about this? Many thanks in advance
  3. export camera?

    Hi, I cannot find this anywhere. How do you export a camera from Houdini? Here is what I tried: I created a new geo node, then object merge node, merged the camera then changed transform to into this object. I used a file node then export. When you import it, the camera is there and moves correctly, but when you go to choose camera there is no camera to choose. I tried creating a camera, then changing the defcam.bgeo to my directory, but that did not work either. What do I do? My end goal is to export a camera to another houdini scene and to maya. Thanks
  4. This is one of those "I know it can be done in Houdini, but I cant figure out how" questions: I have a rollercoaster, with a cart nicely moving and banking along the rails. I'd like a view from the rollercoaster - as if you were an occupant, and I imagine tying a camera to the carts coordinate frame (eg including location and orientation) But the cameras are one level "up" from my cart geometry...they do have an input however... What is an elegant solution for this ? <pre apologies if this is so obvious that its a stupid question - I couldn't find anything on Google on this - but i am eager to learn>
  5. I'm trying to delete points bases on the camera's origin. I have a vex script that was calculating the visibility: vector camera_dir = point(1,"P",1) - point(1,"P",0); f@vis = dot(@N,camera_dir); the problem is that it's based off of having two points from a ray sop. Can I just do it based off the camera origin itself? Any help would be amazing! Thanks, camOrigin01_v001.hip
  6. This seems like a simple one, but I must be missing something. I would like to create a vdb from a camera with fog volume values inside the frustum area. When I choose 'From Camera' the vdb sop node shows me a frustum guide with appropriate dimensions but it always gives me 0 voxels. This is Houdini 16.0.633
  7. Hello, I am a third year student and have just started using Houdini this year. Whilst doing a basic pyro effect using the shelf tools, I want to render an effect I have applied to an alembic cache animation (done in Maya). I don't want the person to be rendered out but I want the effect around her to be rendered. I tried applying a shadow matte as a material, however, when I do render tests, the whole effects is visible when parts of the character should be covering it. Is there a way to fix this? And also, is there a way to make the fog vanish just before the end of the scene? Also, I was wondering if there was a way to match the Houdini scene to Maya scene? I have tried importing the Maya camera in as an alembic but the camera animation doesn't work and the scene doesn't match to Maya. I understand Maya works in cm whilst Houdini is in M... thats all I know though... I have attached the files! Thank you!!! I hope this made sense! Sorry I'm asking so much!!! Shot_3_v2_002.hipnc KT_Scene_3_v2.abc
  8. I have a bunch of cameras exported from photoScan (photogrammetry app) and I would like to create a master one which can animate between the whole set. What's the best way to get the transform of two cameras, blend between them and drive a different camera? I tried to extract the intrinsics from the alembic export, but didn't manage to make it work. I ended up key-framing the camera in maya with a good old mel script and export it as an alembic. But I was wondering if there is a better way in houdini, with either an FBX or alembic scene from the photogrammetry or any other application. thanks
  9. Hi, rookie question: Why is it that when I import an Alembic camera from Maya into Houdini, it makes the whole scene insanely large. The camera moves a massive distance and as such I am forced to create massive grids and simulations with attributes set to numbers in the thousands. This is really hard to work with and creates clipping problems if you move close to the geometry, which i cant seem to fix even in display options. I'll attach the scene file and the ABC camera file (not sure how to attach them in the same file). So import the ABC file yourselves Basically the camera is leading a car straight along a road and there is going to be a dust storm in the background and also dust trailing behind the car. If you convert the tube in the scene to Billowy Smoke, it comes up with a warning saying 'Object level scales detected. A new object has been created to convert to world space'. Which I suppose is a way of saying 'Hey, your scene is super massive and could be fixed somehow'. I'd like to know if there is some way to import the same camera, but have the scene scaled to a suitable size so i dont have to put huge numbers in while experimenting with smoke, particles etc. Thanks Scene01.hipnc Camera Alembic.abc
  10. Hey Guys, I have been playing with a raytracing shader. The surface I apply the shader on and the actual position I am computing in the shader is quite a faire distance away. It's like I'm looking through a window. All works well and good however I am now looking into implementing Deep data in this shader We can read deep data with dsmpixel. But is there anyway of writing it out from the shader ? At the moment my deep data comes out with the actual plane surface data that the shader is applied to but not the objects and procedural inside the "window" which my shader generates. Do any of you have any clues on how to feed this custom data to Mantra do so ? Is it just an simple array variable to export or a twin array both depth and color/alpha ? Is it even possible ? Thanks for any idea you might have. J
  11. I'm trying to generate a motion vector pass for use in Nuke later. The way I've usually done it is like this, inside a shader: http://imgur.com/tSbatjM Well that's not working now, and strangely if I set all the motion blur settings to 0 but I enable motion blur I still get motion blur. http://imgur.com/7htfLLi When I change the shutter time setting on the camera in the scene, that seems to be influencing the motion blur. http://imgur.com/gNgKfru Is there any way I can extract a useable motion vector pass for Nuke from what the camera is seeing, or am I going about this all wrong?
  12. Video as Image plane

    How to set up video as image plane for the camera. So I can view tracked points with video footage in BG. Somehow background image works only for a single image. When I change it to .mov of IMG seq, I don`t see anything. Thanks in advance Janis
  13. Hey everyone, Sorry I've been bombarding the forums with questions in the past days. I want to know if it's possible for a digital asset to have a camera embedded in itself? I'm attaching an example file, it doesn't work in this scenario, I wanted to know if anyone has ever done this and what's the right way to do this. Basically I want to have a "object network" in my subnet and inside that I want to have a camera that has some specific properties, My problem is that first of all I can not switch to my camera in my viewport and what is worse is than when I render with that camera I get nothing. Thanks CameraInHDA.hipnc
  14. Camera going out of water

    Hi, For a school project I need to create a shot where the camera starts inside an ocean and slowly goes out (vertical travelling). That means at one point the camera sees both the inside and the surface of the water. I'm a beginner in Houdini and the schedule for the project is kinda tight. I was wondering if you could point me towards the good direction to achieve this effect? Should I use particles or is there a simpler way? Thanks in advance for your help!
  15. Hi everyone, I come here today to ask you if it's possible to import a Vray Cam from 3ds max to houdini keeping all parameters. I don't know if the post is in the good category, if not sorry Have a good day ! Thanks.
  16. Last week I installed htoa v1.6.1 for houdini 14.0.335 and it seems that it has overwritten my default camera. On startup the viewport displays "unable to set camera viewing parameters because some properties are missing". And whenever I create a camera it does not have any of the view or sampling parameters. Of course I can get these in the rendering parameters tab if I create a new camera but whenever I import for example an fbx it will not import these parameters so you can understand the problems I'm having. This morning I noticed my default camera nodes inside are missing as well so there is no immediate way to view the camera either.. both when I create a new camera as when I import one. .. So it seems as if the camera definition has been overwritten and I can't figure out how to reset it or define a new default camera.. Does anyone know why this happened and how to fix it? EDIT: uninstalling htoa seems to fix it and revert the camera changes. We really need to use arnold though so if anyone knows what is causing this, please let me know.
  17. Hello, I am not sure in which category this question is supposed to go. I have an explosion with a very low angle (a lot of sky) and can't decide whether to use a small or big focal length to communicate a nice, massive blow! Is there a rule of thumb for this? Thanks
  18. Hi I want to import .abc cache containing a maya camera into houdini scene, but I can't seem to find the approriate hscript or hou functions. I mean I can do it manually by file --> import--> alembic scene. But How do I automate this in python script ? there is some animation from frame 1-100 in the .abc file. I tried to compile alembic on windows 8.1 because I want to try the SOP_AlembicIn included in the code, I got lots of error when trying to do so. For geometries I know I can create a geo node, and go inside create a alembic node to import .abc file.I think convert this to hscript is pretty straightforward. But for camera .abc file, this doesn't work, while file --> import--> alembic scene seems working, is there a way to code this camera import in python ? or is there another way ? or someone has compiled this for windows ? Thanks.
  19. Hey guys, I am in a bit of a bind and for some reason my mind is shooting blanks on this simple problem. I want to constrain a grid to a camera and have it match the frustum of the camera as I move it along the focal length of the normal. For some reason I cannot find the attributes I am looking for or I am not going about it the right way. I know there is a simple method but it is not coming to mind. Its always the simple stuff.
  20. hey guys I have a scene with just camera movement following a car on the street, the building in the background is moving fast, and I want create a velocity pass for that I saw the thread from SESI how to create a shader for the moving objects http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=15521&sid=4dfeb5af02890aa795fa9cdfac9660a3 I understand the arrows shader, for object movement only how can I apply this to camera movement and subtract or add this value from the P moving objects? Im planning use the vectorBlur native node from Nuke to compose that image Thanks
  21. HI everybody. I'm experiencing a nasty inconsistency between the viewport and render when trying to set the near and far clip of a camera. I've also managed to reproduce the problem with Houdini14 but not with Houdini12 (infact the 12 doesn't give any problem). In the first pic you can see how the scene is setted: a very basic one, some cubes in a row and the camera above them. In the second image I've clipped the view trying to include only the 2 middle cubes. But when I try to render the scene I get something completely different Infact in order to render the scene correctly in the viewport as I want I have to double the parameters of near and far; obviously this gets translated into a wrong result for what concern the render. The parameters in this case are near 20, far 32 for a correct result in the viewport; near 10 and far 16 for the correct result in the render. Obviously what I want is to get them right with the same settings (the correct ones are the render ones) Is there some setting that I'm missing? Here is the simple scene test_clip.hip Thanks in advance test_clip.hip
  22. Latlong lens

    Let me start by saying that I am not a smart man... (and thus shouldn't be using Houdini for a living but hey, here I am). I'm trying to render a latlong image from camera for re-use as an HDR -what beyond setting the projection to panoramic is required? Is there any relationship to focal length or is it ignored with a polar render?
  23. Deep Images

    Hey Guys, So I am doing a bit of an experiment. I haven't worked with DCM and DSM in Houdini much so I could use some information. I want a "Full Deep" (not sure if thats the term) of my image. I want each sample of my deep too store my rgba at the z sampled. The result should be when I DeepCrop this in nuke as I slice back and remove objects in front of background objects this reveals the pixel information behind that object. I initially tried with DCM and the DeepEXR works great but it does not seem to sample my e rgba of the object behind this. I read through the properties and tried some stuff but I feel like I am missing a step to get this result. EDIT: I understand this is prob not a standard application but is there a way to store that rgb information at each sample of the z? Any Solutions? Cheers! particles_example.hip
  24. Basically I'm trying to create a DA that I can select a particular object and be able to control where the specular/reflect appears on the surface with respect to the camera. I know I need to calculate the reflection angle with reference to the normal of the surface and the camera - but I want to be able to animate the point on the surface so I can control the position of the specular over time. So essentially it should be a null that I could move across the surface of the object and at the angle of reflection I'd have a light which would cause the specular (which would move accordingly if the null is moved). Sorry, does this make sense? I've been scratching my brain with this all day as I know logically how to build it - I just can't figure out the best way to do it in houdini... yet (I'm going to keep trying but wanted to see if any one had any tips/ideas). Cheers
  25. DOP camera culling (smoke)

    Hey everybody, I'm sure there must be a pretty straight forward solution to this problem, but I just can't seem to wrap my head around it. I have found ways to do camera culling in SOPs but I still can't find a way to do it in DOPs. I've looked all over forums but I couldn't find anything. Specifically I'm trying to do a camera cull on a smoke sim in DOPs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Diego