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vellum grains constraints problem


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I have a bit of an issue with vellum constraints for grains. I added a noise to my grains and I separated the noise by color so that I can do very specific work on each.

For now I am just adding a glue constraint to each part for simplicity but later I may go and change the type of constraint or the strength etc.

The problem is that for some reason dops is not liking the fact I have separated my grains and combined them together. Seems like it only brings in one set of constraints and not the other. 


What is going on here? How would I get both in dops without exploding. I would like to do separate work on each section and sim them both together.

I will attach my file for anyone that wants to take a look.

Thanks !


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it's cause you are feeding the original constraint geo to both of your vellum constraints branches, even though each of them should only hold subset of constraints

so in your setup break the second inputs for both vellumconstraint nodes


alternatively just create point groups for your separate clusters and apply both vellumconstraint nodes in one stream acting on different groups

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