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Make unfilled geomtery to volume for collision

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Hi :)

I've got some geometry and want to use it as collision geomtery.

when I change this geomtry to volume using by vdbfrompolygons node, It looks like second pic.
I think It's because of unfilled geomtry, but problem is All geomtries I've got are unfilled like this one.

My purpose was make geometry to volume and use it as volume sample at staticobject node in dopnet.


How can I fix it ? or If you know other efficient ways to make unfilled geometry as collision geometry, let me know please.

Thanks for read, My English is poor sorry :(

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You need to make your dome into properly collision geometry with thickness. Extrude out the parts that look like they are a single plane, and include the back face. You don't need to render the same geometry you are using for collisions. You can also look into surface collisions, but those can have their own issues. 

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