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Centroid of group with expression? (Create point at center of a group)

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I have basically the same question as this, but with a different goal:


I too wonder if there is a simpler way than 'group > delete > centroid the delete', but I would like to do it with a expression rather than a local variable. 

This way I can create a point in the center of a group in the Add node.


Help or other suggestions would be appreciated!

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If you Pack the group you should get a single point in the center. Then Add SOP set to 'Delete but keep points':


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Posted (edited)

If you 'middle click' on any node, there is a lot of info, also a center position which you can strip out in many different ways"

- like an answer from sidefx forums: $CEX/$CEY/$CEZ

- or expression centroid("../node/path", D_X), centroid("../node/path", D_Y), centroid("../node/path", D_Z)

- or vex "getbbox_center()" function. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/getbbox_center.html

- or retrieve prim intrinsic bounds, substract min from max and divide by two.


... and probably 5 more other ideas ;]

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