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Match scale and orientation of two similar meshes

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Hi chaps,

Can anyone come up with a neat solution for this porblem?

I have a male head photoscanned in two sessions by two different camera equipment. Unfortunately one of these sets were lost and the only thing we could salvage is the high res model itself, no aligned cameras, no photos. 

I would like to fit the salvaged head (grey) to the old one (green) but manually I can only do so much and I hope I can align it more precisely with some neat Houdini magic.

Has anyone tried something like this? Obviously it is two entirely different topology and the old one is quite noisy.  

If there isn't anything automatic then I thought of maybe having multiple constraint ponts on prominent features on both of these models (tip of the nose, tip of both ears, chin, etc) and then just snap those together. 

Any advice would be highly appreciated.




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If you have access to zbrush, someone shared this with me today:



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Hi Matt,

Thanks for the tip. It looks pretty promising especially for retopo. 

I'm still hoping to find some multi constraint solution in Houdini but I definitely save this for later.


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