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Explosion 'shockwave' on rigid bodies


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Hi there all!
I have what I think is a relatively simple concept but I'm having a hard time pulling it off. Simply put, I have some objects on a desk that will be exploded outwards as if there was a shockwave from an explosion behind it.

Currently I've gone the route of using a Fan and Wind but for some reason I'm not getting the proper results. The idea is to have the objects 'thrown' forward so I can get a freeze frame later on. Any input or suggestions to improve from the current implementation would be greatly appreciated as I'm currently starting my dynamics adventures in Houdini. The scene file as well as objects used have been attached, thanks and best regards!



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Hi all, I managed to find a solution by using a Magnet Force SOP. Now I am having an issue where my alembic exports are crashing Maya - I have read that the solution is the change the animation speed to something slower but I am not sure how to go about this so Maya doesn't crash when I load the alembics. I have attached the updated files,

Thanks and Best Regards,




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