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Flip inherit velocity H17 - Beginner

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What is the best way to add velocity to an Alembic (animated) flip object? I want my flip particles to be advected as the object moves. All tutorials I look at are using H16. I know there are a few threads about the new workflow in 17 but I can find one for flip.

Any help will be appreciated.


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I have added a point velocity sop after the Flip Source (create surface). The velocities are going all over the place seeing that the Flip Source is changing frame by frame. If I bump up the frame sample to 10 in the point velocity sop I get a fairly stable velocity but there is still some movement from deforming Flip Source. I think I will go with this for now. Scene file attached.

I have also taken a look at example file below but this is super slow and still using the old fluid source. This is a bit over complicated for what I need.


SpinningFlipCollision Example for FLIP Solver dynamics node  
Any advice on doing this better will be much appreciated,






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