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Set detail attribute in HDA python Module.


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I am creating a HDA and I want to set the values of a detail attribute (an array) on an attribute create node. I am trying to do this in the python module of the HDA. 

In sop level, in a python node I can set an array fine, but in the python module of the HDA it errors.

GeometryPermissionError: Geometry is read-only.

I feel i am just missing something really simple, but can't get my head around it. I can find heaps of threads about this relating to the python sop, but not much for the python module window. 

I would be fine to do it all from the python sop, but I am pulling in the array from the interwebs and I want to try to chuck the HDA in unreal/unity. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


def mybutton(kwargs):
    node = kwargs['node']
    #works fine
    testlist = [1,2,3,4,5]
    #works fine reading the empty array created in the below node
    anarray = node.node("attribcreate1").geometry().findGlobalAttrib("myArray")
    #throws read only error
    node.node("attribcreate1").geometry().setGlobalAttribValue("myArray", testlist)


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if you don't want to have Python SOP pulling the information every time it cooks

you can have a callback scrip on the button that will for example store the geometry in Data Parameter on the HDA that can be referencing Stash SOP's data parameter for example 


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