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Trying to understand TOPs

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Hi there.


I have a simple scene that I would like to multi thread to try and understand Tops. I am importing an alembic. I do a few things to it. Then export it out.

My setup in tops is. I drop a rop geomatry node. Point it to the last node before I write out my result and thats it. In theory it should load up frame 10. Do the thing. Then write out frame 10. How ever it seems that it want to load up the entire alembic file for each frame it wants to write out. It is a 300meg file over 200 frames. Needless to say I am running out of ram really fast.

What am I doing wrong?



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The processing of frames default is certainly not what you want, but it's hard to tell you which options you need to change with out an example as TOPs are a bit to new to just guess what your setup is like. Do you have an example file you can make to share? 


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