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Use groups with Cryptomatte via Stylesheets?

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I've made this post before: 


But I am still confused and this has become a new question altogether, and the thread seems dead too, so here is a new post.

How do I use groups in stylesheets to use in Cryptomatte? I would like a somewhat detailed explanation, as I don't really understand what's up with User Properties, how this connects to groups, how I should read anim's comment Posted Tuesday at 01:15 AM, and how I can use the stylesheets for group mattes without overriding the original materials.

Would really appreciate your help. Thanks. :)

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again, not for groups, but if you create primitive string attribute on your geo you can use stylesheets to override cryptomatte property


1. create primitive string attribute that holds your "id" value or unique name (or just convert your groups to name attrib) (in this case I created unique s@name attrib per box)

2. create property on your object (in this case I called it: masks)

3. create stylesheets override for Primitives with Override Script that uses name attribute binding to override your cryptomatte property

example file:



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