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Colliding cached rbd geo with vellum grains

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I've got cached rbd geo of a helicopter crash and I'm looking for ways to collide them into a pool of vellum grains, creating the ground debris effect. I'm looking for suggestions around how to import my helicopter pieces geo into the vellum sim. I also don't want the helicopter pieces to be deformed by vellum. Is vellum object the correct way to approach this?

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If you just want normal collisions, you can use the Static Object DOP, tick on "Use Deforming" and "Re-evaluate from SOPs to Interpolate Geometry"  and point it to your helicopter collision mesh. If you don't need super precise collisions, you'll want to polyreduce or make a shell around your geo to make your sim a bit quicker.  If you're new to houdini, I'd recommend using the "Deforming Object" tool on the Collisions shelf tab.


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