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copying color from parent in for each

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I am currently creating a tree and now I want to group each section of branches in 1 color. 


In the picture above you see that I have given a random color to the start of each section, now I want the branches connected/close to the section to get the same color. So in the end each branch section will have same color. 

How would I do this?

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Well... after a little testing I actually found out that the attribute transfer worked for me without any issues.. 

EDIT: Actually it didn't work too great. Attribute transfer transfers attributes by radius proximity, which means that some branch pieces gets another colour.


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Thanks for the idea! 
It does seem to work the way its supposed to :)
But since I didnt actually start out with a l-system setup it was somewhat difficult to actually fuse the branches together without any weird artifacts. But I got it working thanks!

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