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DomeMaster Plugin for Planetarium Projection

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Hey everyone.

I am trying to get a projection like the DomeMaster plugin (https://www.orbolt.com/asset/nhat::DomeMaster).

The plugin seems to be outdatet, at least I dont get it to run (The free version only works in Apprentice).

Is the DomeMaster projection the same than the Polar Projection?

Goal is to get a projection for a planetarium.

Thx alot,


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I just tried the DomeMaster3D Plugin for Sitoa (Softimage + Arnold) and it works perfectly.

The Fishey for Redshift definitly has nothing to do with these projection.

And the DomeMaster plugin for Houdini seems to be outdated.

I wrote to the author of that plugin, but I guess, its not in development anymore.

I read, I can use geometry to kinda fake these Fulldome projection.

Is there some Info out, that could help me to find a solution?

Thanks again! :)


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