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Ways to assign pre-defined colours?

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I am new to programming and VEX. I have here this little scene where I stored a custom color as a detail attribute:


I was wondering how I could color this with white and my 'customBlue'. So that the black would become my "customBlue".

Or maybe if there are more convenient ways to do this, I would like to know that too. :) 


Thanks for your help!



Detail Wrangle:

v@customBlue = {54,95,236};
@customBlue = fit(@customBlue, 0, 255, 0, 1);

Point Wrangle:

 float d = length(@P);
 d *= ch('scale');
 @Cd  = sin(d); 
//  @Cd = detailattrib(0, 'customBlue', 0, 0);


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Posted (edited)

You can try the fit function where the new min will be the color values.

vector customBlue = detailattrib(0, 'customBlue', 0, 0);
float grey = sin(d);
@Cd.r = fit(grey, 0, 1, customBlue.r, 1);
@Cd.g = fit(grey, 0, 1, customBlue.g, 1);
@Cd.b = fit(grey, 0, 1, customBlue.b, 1);
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