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constraint cluster names


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So I applied the rbd cluster node to my fractured pieces and it works great. However the rbd cluster node creates new names for the pieces it clusters.

This all makes sense but when i go to create a constraint network, I get a jumbled mess due to having two different names on the pieces.

Is there a way I can fix this so that I can get a clean constraint network. 


I will attach my file to show you what I mean.

Thank you



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@Ryan thank you for the files. I appreciate it. 

The constraints are fixed but the clusters are now lost.

I see what you mean about repeating clusters being far from each other. This is most definitely the issue.

There has to be a solution to make it not generate two clusters with the same name that end up being split far apart.

I was hoping that the connectivity would solve this issue but it looks like it is looking at each fractured piece and not the cluster.

Clustering by constraints seem to be the solution but I just think it is odd that this would happen.

Thanks again

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