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moving tile by tile

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I have been searching tutorials, videos, forums, etc. The answer to this should be easy, and be something in the vein of what I assume many people try, but I cannot find an answer. I want a grid of tiles to flip one by one, rotating 180 degrees. I used group range to select them one by one from a copy to group (copy tiles to grid points). It will only rotate the whole thing. This lead me to check out local rotations, and quaternion conversion, as per the videos. I assume I need to do the vex attribute to convert to each local rotation, then use time as the factor to rotate them in order?  I tried for each loops, vex for local rotations, group range with Frame Number try to rotate them according to frame, etc. I am not posting a test file here because I have tried so many things, I cant't figure it out. I finally decided I need to come here first, as I am putting the recipe together in the wrong order somehow. I did find things that allowed me to rotate all tiles around local space in a copy cloud, but couldn't figure out the one at a time in order thing. Anyone have a solution?

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You could split a grid into separate tiles using facet -> unique points and use the primitive node for rotations. 

clamp((($FF - 1) * 8) - ($PR * 10), 0, 180) in rotate Z for example..

  • $FF - 1 makes the rotation dependent on frame number, - 1 so it starts at zero instead of 1, * 8 for speed
  • - $PR to get an time offset between primitives, * 10 to increase it
  • clamp(x, 0, 180) to block primitives to start from negative angles (using 0) and 180 to avoid overshooting



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