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VELLUM > Differents constraints for differents groups possible ?

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Hello everyone,


the project > I'm working on short animations of a shirt flying in the wind. I decided to use houdini to learn it and use the new vellum solver. I managed to have really nice and quick result for most of the shirts but one of them give me some troubles..

problem 1 > One of the shirt is more like a polo so I would like to set differents constraints on the collar to make it more stiff than the rest. I tried to make groups and merge them but I think I'm missing something because it's not working. I can't find any related topics either.. maybe you guys can give me a clue on how to make this work ? I'm ready to experiment I just don't know where to search anymore..

problem 2 > On the same shirt there is 2 buttons. I'd like to glue them to the shirt for them to react like rigid body and follow the shirt mouvement but I don't understand how I can do it and how to place those news constraints in the graph..

First screenshot is a view of the collar and the buttons placement. It's a model from Marvelous Designer. Next a screenshot of the network view and third a view of the collar being not stiff enough ( :

I can only do screenshoots of the shirt and can't really share my hip file because the design of the shirt is not supposed to be released yet.

Thank you for the reading !


image (1).png

image (2).png

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I'm in the exact situation as you, trying to import from Marvelous Designer.  Did you ever figure out the collar and the buttons?

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Hello ktonini,

I didn't find an easy way to do it unfortunatly. I had to ask to freelance who was way better than me at Houdini ( :

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Any update on the best way on attaching buttons? I got to the point of keeping the buttons packed objects and constraining it but since its only a single point now you can't use it as a collision object only constraint it. I tried making it a  very very stiff cloth but it still bends. Being new to Houdini I have been mainly working in SOPs. 

Sara's video is really great.


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