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Find materials of missing textures

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Would you know how to find out which materials contain missing textures?
I have a fairly large file that I was provided with in which they lack a lot of textures.
I get a message from the console telling me the path of the textures but no indication on which node used them in houdini. And there are some who seem to be well hiding the naughty ones:).
The problem is that Mantra doesn't want to render. I just want to get ride of the material who call these textures
Doing a manual search in each channel of each material is a pain in the ass
In c4d there is the Manager texture which allows you to see all the textures, their sources, and to rename them, replace them etc...
Will there be an equivalent in houdini? ( if yes I don't find him)

How do you do in this kind of case?

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ok, a friend on the french houdini discord give me the response.

The HScript command opextern -RM mat
return a liste of all external references missing AND the name of the node who use them.

Check each file to see if it exists, and only show the missing files.
Recurse into networks and subnets.

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There is also the preflight scene option (Use the Render ▸ Preflight menu item to find references in the current scene file to resources outside the project)

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preflight allows you to find the path of the missing textures, but not the name of the materials who use them.
It was the purpose of the question.

That say its usefull too.

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