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Arnold refusing to render cached VDB after specific frame

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I'm distributing my pyro sim across 4 machines and caching it afterwards to be rendered in Arnold. I'm using object merge to load the slices directly from the splicer, convertvdb SOP to convert the volume to VDB (would like a confirmation if it's really needed with the new volume sourcing workflow), vdbvectormerge SOP to merge all 3 velocity volumes into a single one and then the primitive SOP to write the vdb as a 16bit float, after which comes my file cache sop. Everything works fine for the first 24 frames, but for some reason arnold won't render any vdb after frame 1104. Arnold appears to load in the files, only to hang on me at Generating scene for an eternity. All the vdbs appear fine in the viewport for the entirety of the frame range (1080-1150). Size-wise, files look fine aswell (2gb for frame 1104 and 2.1gb for frame 1105). I am not hitting the memory limit or any warnings/errors either. It doesn't seem to be scene dependent either as I've tried loading it in a new simple scene and getting the same issues and I'm kinda out of troubleshooting ideas.

Thanks in advance

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Apparently the issue was in the velocity fields themselves and deleting them made arnold happy, so we settled on camera motion blur. As to why he didn't mind those same fields in any previous frames remains a mistery to us. 

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