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List of "." "../" Type References

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I wasn't sure how to phrase this, but I'm looking for a list in the documentation that outlines all of those quick relative references/shortcuts for referring to other nodes in expressions, along the lines of "." and ".."

I'm specifically looking for a relative reference to the node that wires into the current node, so if there's a list of those hidden in the documentation somewhere, that'd be swell.



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"." and ".." and "../." are unix based relative directory placeholders. The first is the current node/path/object/folder the second and third are the surrounding node/path/object/folder.

if you want the input into the current node you need the hscript "opinputpath()"

(run "exhelp opinputpath" in your textport for more info)

The first input of the current node reads as such:


the second input of the surrounding node (useful in DOPS context) is:


HDocs on the topic:


This is a pretty exhaustive explanation of paths and worth your time if it's unfamiliar:



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