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Python: ROP Context to render multiple cam

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Hi everyone,

Is there any way to write python code inside ROP context?

I want to write a script that will detect the number of camera in my scene and automatically loop over one redshift output to render every camera. My goal was to create a python node with all the code that will execute, but there is no python node, which is weird.


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You have two main ROP options.

  • Make a subnet and use the Scripts python module.
  • Make a shell rop and use the shell or post script commands to run an external file.

The third for fun option is to do it in TOPs. This is probably better designed for what you want to do and it comes complete with tons of python control. Just not a lot of internet wisdom yet when you get stuck. Plus not direct Redshift control so you need to use the ROP Fetch node, which has not been too painful converting all the old setups too.


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