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Hey all,

First post here, literally my first mp4 render.

I'm have it finished and rendered in MPlay. But when I try to export I hit this error. 

I'm running an Apprentice 17.5

My best guess is that it's angry because the licenses is on the D drive and I'm saving to the C but I don't think where I save it should matter. 

Any help is appreciated :)



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Hello Russ,

Welcome to the forum. 

Historically it has been best to not create videos from inside Houdini but use a third party program that is good with videos. Like Nuke, Aftereffects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, etc... 

If you were not on Apprentice I would suggest using TOPs and the image magick plugin. TOPs is not available in apprentice. However you could use image magick as a standalone application.

As for a solution to your actual problem it sounds like your system is a bit off if it is complaining about your HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR is off. This is where your personal preferences for Houdini live. However the No License Could be Found to run this program could have been a check to see if you have a paid version of the program. The apprentice version has a bunch of limits. I'm not aware if saving as video is one, but as I said nobody saves videos from Houdini, nor any other 3D based DCC by default. 

Hope that helps,



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Nice to meet you Ben!

That's interesting. I love AE and Premiere but what would you suggest I export to open them properly in either?

Right now I'm going through all of Peter Quint's tutorials and I'd like to start outputting some rendered files. 

Thanks a ton :)


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.exr is the image sequence format of choice for most offline render needs now a days. You may still see some legacy .tif an .tga, but that is more rare.

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