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Houdini Rendering Issue

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I am needing advice/solutions in regards to my current pyro render in H17.

I am doing a volcano plume with some billow smoke, I have a pyro shader sourced into a OBJ merge for my Mantra. I also have a directional light and an environment light that has a 2k IBL. The sampling on my environment light is at 10 and also my mantra pixel samples are at 12x12 and I seem to not be able to get rid of this flickering happening with my environment light.

I have looked all all sorts of setting and such changed my HDR to a .rat yet it still doesn't see to remove this flicker. My camera is set at 1080 and is doing a slow pan over 300 frames. Would anyone be able to advise what this may be?



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Do you know what the brightest values in the HDR are? If they're crazy-high it could give you problems like that. A max value of 6.0 is pretty good - maybe try a max value of 3.0 to see if that solves it. Definitely keep it below 20.0 whatever you do, that's just begging for trouble. Blurring it could also be the answer ; to get rid of hot spots.

You'll have to take the HDR into something like Nuke to do this ( did Photoshop ever make this kind of work possible? I avoid it like the plague ) *edit, Houdini has its own comper, maybe you can use that, I don't know how -

10 is really high for light samples - I've almost never needed more than 1, 10 must be super-slow

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