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Hair & Fur Problem - Skin Attribute not paintable


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Hey guys!


I have a huge problem. I am working on a last minute client project. It is in general just a grid with fur on it. The fur is moving with subtle turbulence in the wind. I have to implement some toy-eyes in it, which the hair should collide with. So I created a vdb collision in the guide groom. The problem is, that I have frizz in the hair generator, which goes crazy, when I animte it.Jiggling and shaking... Because its hair behind the eye.

So i thought, I just use the guide length and peint out the areas of the eye, so there is no hair behind it anymore. But it doesnt work. Whenever I want to paint the skin attribute, it gives me the following errors.


How can I get rid of that? I tried everything. Even with a completely new file?

And how would you in general approch a hair simulation with an integrated obect?


Im desperate A F...

Thank you so much!


Her the files:



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Sorry I can't open the project right now but if you already have hair guides and you want to delete them you can assign an attribute to the skin. Then transfer this attribute to the guides/hairs using the node called "guide skin attribute lookup". After that you can delete them.

If at the start of the project you already know where the object will be, why you don't avoid completely to grow the guides there? You can choose the primitives by grouping or selecting them manually

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Thank you! Can you explain a little bit more about the second process? I know I’m a bit of a noob... :) how do I set up the base surface so, that I can have guides only on the areas I want them?


and how do I use the skin attribute lookup? I can’t get it to work...


thanks so much!

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If you use the shelf tool for creating the guides you can first select the polygons you want to create the guides on and then clicking on the shelf button. If you create the node guide groom manually you can basically do the same thing as above by selecting the polygon's group under "rest skin source". 

If you do this your guides should grow just on this polygons and not where, for example, you are going to have intersections.


For the skin attribute lookup first you need to paint somehow your attribute on the skin. Then you plug your guides in the first input and the skin you used to grow your hairs on the second one. When you grow guides, they take the uv attribute from the geometry. This node just uses this "skin uvs" to transfer the attribute from a certain location on the skin geometry to the correct guides.

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