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rbd into grains


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I have a simple rbd sim exploding outwards that I want to turn into vellum grains as they explode.

I have a simple set up working but the issue is that my source is emitting grains at every frame due to the creation frame being at $F.

Is there a way where I can emit the grains on only one frame as the rbd is exploding ?

I tried a length function to try and delete slow moving pieces but it is still emitting for a good 10 frames.

I am trying to get it to emit once when the rbd piece is moving the fastest.  The idea is to make the rbd pieces look like it is breaking up into a finer sand.

I hope this is not a very complicated issue.

I will attach my scene file for anyone that wants to take a look.

Thank you


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"I am trying to get it to emit once when the rbd piece is moving the fastest". I just did this to your scene.. I think my approach miiight be heavy for production.. maybe not, I'm tired :P ! Sometimes solving the RBD centroids if tons, can be heavy, so may be a more optimized smarter way to approach it.

good luck, hope it helps.




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No problem, wish I could help more. Not exactly sure the effect you're going and I haven't done recursive looking fractures but if I had to guess, I think I would do your initial RBD sim as a low res guide like you have currently, and then feed that into another RBD sim (and repeat this process as many times as you want), that is a further fractured version of your pieces, and activate those based on your speed logic and then when those pieces activate and break apart in the 2nd sim. Use that data to emit your grains from, - Which could be instantaneous frame like you have currently, or based on their rest comparisons. So, as soon they separate more than 0.1, make that emit, IE : 0 : don't emit, 0.1 : emit, 0.2 and on : don't emit. Perhaps as that recursion happens, scale the rbds almost out of existence if you're going granular. - Just some ideas.



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