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Glue Constraint issue in RBD tower destruction


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Hey there, 

I'm working on a project for my master degree and i'm having an issue with glue constraint in my DOP network. It was working well until I deleted all the geometry and imported a new version of it from Maya. 

The ball should go through the wall and destroy the tower partially (just the active points), but it just bounces off.

Could someone please explain me how to solve this issue? It's really urgent. Attached you can find my Houdini scene.

Thanks in advance!


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I think i might have solved your issue. It technically works now but definitely needs some more look development iterations.

Here are the issues i found. Firstly a very common rbd pitfall. Not all but most of your pieces have the same piece name. As i understand this can cause a lot of issues when it comes to the constraints working in the sim as they will try to constraint themselves to multiple pieces.

So i renamed all the pieces by changing the piece name in the assembles you set up.

Next issue was a lot of your constraint were breaking right as the sim started especially around the top. So in the dop i generally bumped up all the strength values as well as lowering the propagation iterations.

After that i just repositioned the sphere and lowered the initial v. As well as turning off Compute Mass and just manually typed in Mass.

I hope i solved most the of the issues you had.

NOTE: All the nodes that i changed i coloured Black to make it easier to see what i changed.







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