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Vray to Redshift material converter

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My lovely client Denys Shchukin allow sharing some Redshift tools I create for him! 

Here is Vray to Redshift material converter for Houdini. 
It is quite raw for now and the goal is to improve it based on users feedback. So, take it, use it, complain if it’s not working for you.

Currently, it’s just a piece of Python code which you can copy-paste to the Python Source Editor window (or create a shelf tool).

Assuming you have a SHOP network with VRAY materials subnetworks inside (such structure is required, materials in the root of SHOP are not supported). Select source VRAY shop network, hit Apply button in Python Source Editor window. The script will create new SHOP network in the root of obj context with converted RS materials.

Check the Houdini Console window for execution or error reports.

Open example hip with Vray material. Dive into “imported_FBX” node, select “materials” node and run the script. The “materials_RS” network with converted RS material would be created in obj root context.


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