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Custom AttTransfer With Effector in Vops


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Hello everyone, 

I was wandering how would I need to approach the need to trasnfer an attribute, say N, from a geometry to and identical one with an effector or some sort of object which position determines where the attribute is transfered. 

When the transfer is from an A to a B object, the solution is a pretty straight farward classic Attribute Transfer Sop, but how about  the A to B through C scenario?

I have found an easy fix with Sops: boolean substract a sphere form a grid A, copy the normal attribute from grid A to the product of the boolean then attribute trasfer from the product of the boolean to the B grid. Still this is very intricate and culd easily get superslow when dealing with more complex geomety, how could it be build inside Vops using some sort of geometry as bias/effector?

I shared an Hip with what i achieved so far

Thank you for yor time


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May be something like this.
Not Vop but wrangle.
I tried to keep the attribute transfer SOP. but without success.
The transferred color appears black but because point and prims normals are in opposite directions (it's already like this in the original file).
If you disable the normal mix you see that color is correctly transfered.
If you want use another object than sphere as an effector you must use volume attribute.

I recommande you to take a look at the "Add arsenal to your arsenal" entagma series.
Or more easy use MOPs. Pretty sure it can do the trick.


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