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Increase displayed number of code lines in a wrangle


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1 minute ago, flcc said:

Opening the script editor (Alt+E in the field code) ?


Yeah unfortunately script editor has limit dimentions for size, I cannot go full screen. And it does not open as another tab so get annoying because it keeps going "behind" other windows.

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The snippet parm in the Wrangle is a String Parm, Multi-line String, and it has a tag named "editorlines". That tag is set to 8-30, so the maximum displayed lines is 30.

It is a "factory" default, and that Attribute Wrangle HDA definition is in the Houdini installation directory. You could probably redefine that factory HDA (my terminology here is probably incorrect) by right clicking on the node and then "Type Properties..." and saving to another library, which will override the factory one. For me it is a thin ice, I don't want to do it :)

Just for an illustration, I just I duplicated the Parm interface and set bigger "editorlines" in a spare parameter:


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