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I am creating a couple of  volumes with the vdb from particles node and I realized that I have no idea how to combine my velocity fields into one. I am trying to use the VDB combine and VDB vector merge . But it is not working. When I visualize my velocity field. It doesn't look right. Someone please help. 


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Hi, you should just use VDB combine and not VDB vector merge. Just plug two volumes at the time in the input A and B , then switch Operation to "Add"


VDB vector merge is for merging vector volumes that have been split for some reasons, for example when you have 3 volumes that are named @vel.x, @vel.y, @vel.z

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What you are doing wrong is how you connect the two inputs. Apparently is not possible to connect both the A input and B input to the same merge node. The node than don#t know anymore what is what. Also you don't need to specify Group A and Group B



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