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Sweep orientation issues

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My goal is to make a floor trim tool that takes an entire floor of a building as an input and does all the floor trim. It takes wall pieces as the input and deletes everything except the bottom most points then creates a curve out of them. Then a profile is swept along the curve to create the trim. I got it all working except that since the curve is not continuous that in some separate rooms the trim is pointing the wrong direction. Is there a smart way for the curve to know which way to orient? I am using poly frame right now.

Input Mesh






Appreciate any help!


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from the picture it appears as it's just the natural way Houdini presumes what is in and what is out, if you really wanted you could selectively make a group of the faces you wish to reverse and use a reverse sop.

Alternatively, you could just slightly polyextrude internaly  with the "output back" option enabled, this should remove any visible backface. 


Best Regards


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