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Get vector data from map over deformed mesh

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So I baked out some kind of vector flow map on the character. The idea was to use it back in sops over deformed character.

Ofcourse the bake is done in a single frame. So when those vectors are applied to a deformed mesh, they are constant to the world space, which completely make sense, but is useless for me.

Since this is a vector map and its stored as a color map, there is some kind of "gradient" on the deformed mesh that could be computed as a change of the flow map? Do I make sense?

For example you have a character where the flow always go from the shoulder to the hand. And once the character gets deformed (animated) I want the flow (vector) to always follow the rule "from the shoulder to the hand".

And yeah my flow is a vector, not a float. And I need those vectors in sops.

Dont know if I explained this good enough. Any1 any tips?


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41 minutes ago, anim said:

you can use Attribute Reorient SOP to reorient the vector attribute from rest geo to deforming one

OMG THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!!!

I didnt know this would be so straightforward

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