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Hi there,

There are two methods you can do what you're looking for:

a. Edit the 123.cmd startup script

b. Put the commands into a file and source it every time you want to turn on/off the grid and snapping

What is the command to turn on Grid Lines and Snap to Grid?

The command you want is neteditor (type "help neteditor" in the textport) and the options are:

This turns on the Grid Lines display & Snap to Grid.

neteditor -g 1 -a 1 name_of_network_editor_pane

This turns off the Grid Lines display & Snap to Grid.

neteditor -g 0 -a 0 name_of_network_editor_pane

How do you find the name of the network editor pane?

In the textport, type

/ -> pane
pane1 -m viewer
pane2 -m parmeditor
pane3 -m neteditor

Notice which pane is a "neteditor" and that is the pane you want to set the options.

With the above example, the final commands are:

Grid Lines display & Snap to Grid on

neteditor -g 1 -a 1 pane3

Grid Lines display & Snap to Grid off

neteditor -g 0 -a 0 pane3

Now that you have what you need, you can decide which method is best for you.

Method a:

Find the 123.cmd file in $HFS/scripts, copy it to your $HOME/houdini8.x/scripts and append the Grid Lines display & Snap to Grid on command above into the file. Please make sure there is an empty line at the end before saving it. Houdini should start with the Grid Line and Snap to Grid on every time.

Method b:

Create two files: grid_line_snap_on.cmd and grid_line_snap_off.cmd in your $HOME/houdini8.x/scripts directory. Copy the on and off commands into each file respectively.

Again, copy the 123.cmd file into your $HOME/houdini8.x/scripts directory. Edit the 123.cmd & add your own aliases:

alias SF10 'quit'

alias F11 grid_line_snap_on.cmd
alias F12 grid_line_snap_off.cmd

Save the file, start Houdini and the F11 & F12 keys will turn on and off the Grid Lines display & Snap to Grid.

I hope the above helps and please ask if you have more questions.



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