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Twisting a sweep

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Hi guys,

the title is probably not clear enough, so here's the explanation. I want to twist a sweep, defining an upvector, that rotates based on the tangentu vector. In the file I have set the tangentu as N in the polyframe node so the sweeped objects are oriented along the circle. I want to animate the upvector, so that every instance rotates along its normal but i have had no luck so far. there probably is an easier way to do this, but i want to figure out how to do it this way just as an exercise. Any help would be much appreciated.

twisting a sweep.hip

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Hello Kalin welcome to the Forum!

You can use the copy to points and skin sop to do this effect. I know I have an example of it I stashed here in this thread. It even does UVs. 


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