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Code for sequence and flipbook in mPlay ?

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Is there any way to see the code which mPlay uses to render a sequence and when creating a flipbook ?

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Hey there,

Here are the methods that houdini uses to create flipbooks ( https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/FlipbookSettings.html )

To see what the current values are for a given scene viewer flipbook the best I could come up with was to query the setting and print it out like this 


#in a python script sop

import toolutils

viewer = toolutils.sceneViewer()
curview = viewer.curViewport()

#just printing to check that the viewer is correct, assuming you are checking your current view

print viewer
print curview

curview_stash = viewer.flipbookSettings().stash()

#Here you can just specify the parameter that you want to check, you will have to check the documentation for the exact method that you are looking for

print curview_stash.frameRange()
print curview_stash.resolution()
print curview_stash.gamma()


Unfortunately it doesn't look like the flipbook stash returns anything that you can iterate over to print out an entire list.

Hope this helps


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