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POPs Follow Swirly Curve from Start to End?

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I have an issue that I have not been able to figure out.  I need particles/fluid to follow a curve, which I know how to do easily, but this particular curve crosses over itself a couple times so using Volume Velocity and Curve Force causes to particles to divert off by grabbing on to a later section of the curve.  (ref images attached)  Is there a way to restrict them to the current section they are on so that they ignore the areas where the curve crosses over itself?  I have not been able to figure out a way to do it so I thought maybe the amazing Houdini brains on here might have an idea?  Thank you in advance for any help/suggestions you can offer!



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It might help if you try deleting the future part of the curve before you get there, so you don't need to worry about paths crossing. You could also try isolating your curve into different sections and animating when they are attracted to each curve. Both are pretty sloppy workarounds, but you might be able to get it working :P Bump, cuz I'm interested in other peoples opinions on how to approach this as well.

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Yea, I'm using volume velocity node to push them along because curve force wasn't giving me the look I needed.  I tried animating the carve node but if any particles get too far ahead or behind they just stop because they aren't being affected by the velocity/force anymore but if I use a point lookup the look breaks down.  A friend suggested looking up the u attribute to follow with an offset so I'm looking into that too. 

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