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Vellum Hair Stiffness Falloff

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Hi, I'm working on some hair simulation for a groom setup using the grooming tools.

I've been trying to get a stiffness falloff working so that the hairs are very stiff at the root, but become less so at the tip of the hairs, but haven't been able to get anything that works yet.  Ideally I'd like to be able to put a ramp gradient along the guide curves that can then be multiplied against the bend and stretch stiffness values.  Is this an approach that could work?  Or should I be trying to adjust the constraints instead?

I've attached a sample scene using a sphere with a gradient multiplier along the curves that I'm trying to get to work. any insights would be very appreciated!


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I looked at your scene. The main issue you had was that you have a high value for the stretch stiffness, which you need for hair (this should not be altered with an attribute), and you had a very low value for the bend stiffness. The bend stiffness is the one that needs to be varied based off attribute you specified. Also, If I were you, while testing this stuff, make your ramp really extreme so you can see the defined point where the ramp falls off: if you have a gradual falloff, it will be a lot less obvious than an extremely sharp falloff. Then, once you know your ramp is working, then you can edit it accordingly. Further, the point count of the curves has a large effect on the stiffness of the curves. You had 8 points per line, which was actually pretty good, but if you cranked up that value, you would need more substeps to accommodate for the increase in the number of points. 



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