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Align geo with normals on an oval shape

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Hey, I'm working on a building generator and I can't find a way to align my windows properly when the base shape of the building is oval.


When it's a circle everything is okay : 



But when the shape starts to be oval, it looks like this : 



Here's the vop network I built to align it with a circle shape, but not functionning with an oval shape :



I don't know what I miss to get it working...


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I finally managed to find a solution : 


I've separate the circle in two parts : one with the points where I copy my windows, and the other is the original geometry where I want my windows to be aligned with (to do this, just duplicate the circle and double the divisions, and then do a grouprange with an offset and keep the part you want to be the source of the copy (the points in blue are the ones from the original geo and the orange ones are those where I copy the geo))



Then, I compute normals based on the tangent u (with a polyframe sop) from the original geometry and I transfer it to the points I want to copy my windows over, and I rotate my windows by 90 and then boom, it's aligned.

I've attached a hipfile because I think my explanations are really non-understandable :D





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