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A Few Otl Questions

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I'm excercising expressions and am working on a "math" otl, which should become an easy to use calculator for distance, angle and such.

I created a custom expression in "aliases and variables" and would like to embed it into my otl, the only way to do it that I found yet is copy paste which produces these ugly marks in channel field and overall is not as smooth as I'd like. Is there a way to embed expressions in an otl and use them.

Also this info should be displayed as a hud, but how to parent an otl to a camera? :rolleyes:

Ok, I got the second one :)

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Thanks for another solution.

I could also plug camera in one of the inputs and parent geo inside inside an otl to it(that's what I wrote I found out)

But what about expressions is copy pasting them into channel field the only way?

I attach a file with otl, it has some flaws yet (should automatically add input nulls on creation) but is easy to use measurer I needed.


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