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Houdini "proxy"

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Dear all,
I am building a scene which involved a lot of high-res models. In order to optimize the scene which let me manipulate better, I am looking for a way to setup "proxy" system.
For renderer like vray, they offer vray proxy which would display a low res Geo at viewport, and render using the high res Geo. I am looking for a way to do the same thing in Houdini (I am using render man 22).
Pack Primitive is very good but its not low res enough for a very heavy scene/objects. I tried the instance node, but it display and render the same object which wasn't my idea of proxy.
Looking forward to hearing from you, thank you!!
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You can leverage the split output nature of the SOP network. Have two attribute wrangles at the end. One is for rendering and the other is for the viewport.

Assign the filename to the hi-res geometry inside the RENDER version of the attribute wrangle.

CTRL-CLICK on the Display flag of a node to move the RENDER flag to that node.



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Thank you for your prompt reply Atom!

Forgive me that I am still new to Houdini, I tried to fill in the path with "D:/project_hou/houDev/scene/bb8.abc" or "op:/obj/geo2/testgeometry_rubbertoy1", but I am still not able to render the object. Would you mind explaining further?

I understand the use of render flag and display flag, but it would fail if I merge the object (with render and display flag setup) into another geo and scatter on a grid. Or am I doing that wrong?

Thank you!

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i think packed prims are super fast to display. you can specify what kind of representation you want to see (i.e. bounding boxes, full geo, point cloud), plus there are a few viewport optimization options to help with heavy scenes (Display options > Optimize tab).

otherwise you can load lowres and highres versions of the same asset into a single geo container. you will only display the lowres one (blue display flag), while highres one will be picked for rendering without ever needing to display it (purple render flag).

plus there are other more technical ways how to do that...

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Thank you davpe!

I optimized my setup and using Pack Prim again, the response is a lot better, thank you!

About using the flag for displaying and rendering, it works but it doesn't when I need to scatter that object around. Would you mind to let me know what other technical ways to do it?

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The @instancefile attribute is only for file based objects, you can't use op: pathing. In your case, write the rubbertoy to the disc, then reference that file.

To leverage local geometry that is installed in your scene, there is a companion attribute @instance. You can use the op: with that attribute. But referencing large pieces of geometry, from memory, instead of disc, may reduce some of the gains achieved by instancing.

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