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Impact Analysis Data questions

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I have couple questions regarding the attributes created by DOP Impact Analysis node (https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/dop/impactanalysis.html):


1- P vs. avgposition --> if avgposition is the average position of all impact points sharing the same time/object, then what is P? Actually, if object A is being hit by other objects let's say object B and C, then what is the use of avgposition? it makes sense to get the hit position between A and B, and A and C?

2- Impulse vs. avgimpulse --> as above, what is the difference and meaning?

3- Distance --> "Distance from the previous filtered impact point" --> I don't understand the concept of unfiltered and filtered impact points?

4- impacttime and inbetween --> Houdini docs say nothing about inbetwen?


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based purely on my observation (so take it with a grain of salt) here is what I think it means:

3.  unfiltered are all impact points for the timestep

filtered are the ones that passed the filters (time, impact, distance thresholds) and are recorded in the ImpactAnalysis geometry

distance therefore records closest distance from previous points already recorded in the ImpactAnalysis geometry

1. 2. as it says P/impulse is the position of each individual impact point, avgposition/avgimpulse is the average of all unfiltered impacts for the same object within the same timestep

4. impacttime seems to be average impact time among all unfiltered points for the same object within the same timestep (similar to avgposition/avgimpulse)

betweentime seems to be time since the last filtered impacttime (similar to distance)

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