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PcOpen PcFilter logic


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I have this logic :

int mypoints = pcopen(0,"P",@P,chf("Dist"),chi("MAxpoints"));
@Cd = pcfilter(mypoints,"Cd");

working fine in wrangler BUT I would like to make it in VOP as a exercise and......:)

Uploaded file showing my problem....How can I get Cd from attribfrommap and inside VOP support that info to the string input for PcFilter which I suppose is necessary to do.


I did try change inside pcfilter to vector and put Cd but it's not working (for me at least)



Image 1.jpg

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Currently you are probably sampling the default geo that pcopen1 points to based on it's Point Cloud Texture parameter 

To use the first input geo as your vex example, connect OpInput1 to file input of your pcopen1

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