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Procedurally reverse objects

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Hi all,

wondering if anyone can think of a good, hopefully procedural solution for this.

I'm importing a CAD model. 12 000 objects and 20 million polygons. About 50% of the parts comes in inverted. See attachment below. Not very ideal, and a pita to fix manually.
Logically speaking, it should be "easy" to see if a closed object has the faces facing inwards or outwards, right? If any of you have any good advice here, I'd appreciate any feedback to get things moving in the right direction.


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if each of your pieces is mostly enclosed then you can measure volume per piece, if it's negative, it's inverted


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attached example file
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Ahh! Perfect, thanks for both suggestions! I'll give it a shot when I'm back in the office! The measure trick sounds really easy and perfect.

Simplicity! And I was trying to convert the pieces to volumes, move the points along the normal and do volume samples, but didn't work out very well due to the massive size differences. As usual, I over-complicate things :rolleyes:

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