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Emit from a geometry collision


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Hi everyone!


I am currently looking for a way to make a boat to generates like a emitter... and making a little small splash at the bottom of its collision with already pre-simulated waves… 

I wish to use an Emit Particle Fluid, in order to generate a ripple motion around the boat.

My problem is mainly to succeed in emitting a splash with the collision of the pre-rendered waves without the particles flying away...


Many thanks again!!


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Thank for the fast reply!

Yep, I tested it however my goal is to make the collision of the boat with the grid a emitter and after, the boat push the particles to the surface of my ocean (it could also sticker), creating the illusion of ripple on a ocean :) !!.

Many thanks:D!

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Okay, First create your ripple source: you could find the intersection of your boat and the grid (using volumes is easy, i.e. convert boat to SDF volume and find points in grid that are inside that volume). Now that you have the source, I "think" (sorry, don't remember exactly), you need to advect your particles source with either your flip sim or ocean spectrum (in the toolshelf, you could try white water for flip or ocean tool kit, this should give you a quick basic setup)...good luck

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