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Up res coloured pyro sim?

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anyone had any luck with upres'ing a colour pyro sim in houdini?  I'm just using the shelf tools to get something going quick.  Colored smoke from my point coloured object works perfectly, but when i up res the container with the shelf tool, i lose the smoke colour - just goes black.  

Checking the details of the up res dop network, up res smoke object has cd and alpha enabled, the volume source is sourcing Cd as it was in the initial sim, but something not working quite right.  If you do the coloured smoke shelf tool and then the up res container shelf tool, you should see what i mean.

Anyone got this working?


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the upres solver hasn't been updated for a while, you'll need to add 3 things:
- resize the Cd field
- source into Cd
- advect Cd (inside the upres solver, the advect_density1 node)

hope that helps.

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Here is an example if you're interested.
for the lowres sim, I had to change the "color" Enable Solver DOP, it required Alpha, and I didn't want that.
for the upres, I just added "Cd" in the gasAdvect.
As a bonus, I added a scalar field name "cdl", it's used to store/set the length of Cd on every frame, it keeps the colors visible for much longer.
left: div size=0.2, right: div size=0.033 (6x upres)



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