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building demolition debris|dust


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As shown in the video below, dust falls down as the building gets destroyed. There are two types of dust particles here:

(a) some particles are super light and they get suspended in air (smoke sim is enough), and 

(b) some are heavy and they fall down quickly, but still they are affected by swirls in the air (i.e. not purely smoke sim and not rbd either).

I can have two pyro sims to create (a) and (b) independently.

Now my question: is it possible to have one pyro sim for this effect? meaning, I spent hours trying to tweak pyro velocity and temperature parameters but I would always end up withe either (a) or (b) configuration, so I feel I must have two sims, is this correct?




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You can have this effect using positive and negative temperature values so they go in opposite directions.

In some cases this trick could be useful but in this one not at all. Temperature values don't affect just the direction of the smoke but also the velocity and some microsolvers. 

It's better to keep them separate from each other so if you like one but not the other, you can change the one you don't like without worrying about the other one.

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